Photoluminescent signs on sea ships

In our wide offer for marine ships, you can find fire safety signs, life-saving signs, mandatory signs, instructions, level and floor marking signs, low-location lighting system – LLL. TDC products are in accordance with resolutions, IMO conventions and ISO norms regarding safety signs for ships. Moreover, they have an international certificate of type product approval.

The signs are in accordance with the standards:

  • ISO 17631 “Ships and marine technology – shipboard plans for fire protection, life-saving appliances and means of escape”,
  • ISO 15370 “Ships and marine technology – low-location lighting (LLL) on passenger ships – Arrangement”,
  • ISO 24409-2 “Ships and marine technology – Design, location and use of shipboard safety signs, safety-related signs, safety notices and safety markings”
  • Our safety signs are also in accordance with convention SOLAS 74 Paragraph III/9.2.3;
  • IMO Resolutions: A.654(16), A.760(18), A.952(23). MSC.82(70).

Products above are offered in unique and aesthetic SYSTEM TD® due to its high resistance against the external factors. (more)

Indexes according to the standards ISSA IMPA

In order to facilitate you finding and identification of specific products, we introduced extra catalogue numbering ISSA and IMPA. This benefit combined with our index browser at will help you save valuable time and certainly expedite your work. We invite you to use this facility and check the functionality of our indexes.

So as to meet your needs, we introduced a possibility of ordering your own sign pattern in any format, any material, any graphics and any type. For more information please contact us at

For complete marking of evacuation routes at the marine ships we offer low-location lighting (LLL). (more)

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