Emergency lamps

We offer various kinds of AWEX emergency lamps. Emergency lamps are available in a single and double functional versions. The single functional version lights up when net tension disappears, whereas double functional one provides constant light both during proper power supply and in the case of its disappearance. Both versions guarantee a 3-hour flashing time after power-supply cut. Emergency lamps are used in publically-used buildings for lighting and indicating evacuation routes.

We also offer a possibility of producing sole pictograms on pre-mounted emergency lamps. In such situation, it is only needed to provide a sign pattern that will be placed on the lamp and provide the size of the cloche onto which the mentioned pictogram will be pasted. There is also a possibility of ordering your own sticker pattern. For more information, please contact the Trade Office.

In the order form, in the notes section, please provide the size of the pictogram for a lamp.

A full, technical specification of a product with the complete offer is available in our online shop.

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