Fire fighting equipment

Working, for many years, in the fire-fighting industry and meeting the expectations of our clients, we offer a vast number of firefighting equipment from the front running producers. We offer excellent trading conditions, competitive prices and convenient delivery conditions, including transport on the house, in case of selling a pellet of fire-extinguishers.

In our company’s assortment there are, among others:

fire extinguishers, self-acting firefighting devices SUGI ,fire extinguishers’ montage elements, and also accessories, interior standpipes, protection lockers, lockers for fire extinguishers , cases for a key, firefighting blankets and others.

Our products comply with the requirements indicated by polish norms ,and possess proper certificates , test results and approvals.

Among offered by us fire extinguishers, you can find a wide range of dry-powder extinguishers, that thanks to high extinguishing efficacy, nip the fire in the bud. Beside this offer, you might also find fluid extinguishers in which an innovative extinguishing agent PREVENTO was used. It effectively extinguishes; flickering solid bodies, flammable fluids creating flames, oils and fats and carbon-dioxide extinguisher intended for extinguishing group B fires.

Full technical specification of products with the complete offer is available in our online shop.

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